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Head Banging and Not in a Good Way

Several years ago I was jumping a 4 year old Appendix just like I had many times before. He was mad. I was insistent. After the last jump he took off...we were a hot mess of trouble coming around fast.

I eventually lost my balance, ricocheted off the fence, only to land directly by his left front hoof. Helmet and hoof were touching. Thank goodness he did not move. We got our wits about us and I took off my helmet to check it out. Impressive!! Hairline crack on the outer shell. That could have been my head!!

That Troxel helmet saved my life. I am religious about wearing my helmet every ride now no matter what anyone else says or if the group I am with is not wearing helmets. I ride western now and have the Dakota which again saved me during a fall not two weeks ago. Freak accident....but that is what helmet safety is about! You never know what might happen out there! Thanks for making the best helmet available and affordable!!

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