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thank goodnesss for my helmet

I have been riding for at least 15 years working with young and old horses and I was taking a lesson and I almost didn't put my helmet on I figured that the horse has been being really good and I didn't need one on well I ended up grabbing it on my way outta the barn and good thing I did If I hadn't I would not have been telling everyone my story we were working on figure 8s and the trainer was riding his horse and I was on mine and my gelding bumpt butts with the other horse and started to buck and I wasn't able to do a one rein stop and I came off and the horse stepped on my head if I wouldn't have had that helmet I would have been dead or I would never have been able to walk or talk again it was the scariest thing that ever happened to me so I hope people that don't wear helmets start after that I will always put my helmet on THANK YOU TROXEL FOR MAKING GREAT HELMETS IF IT WASN'T FOR ME PUTTING IT ON I NEVER WOULD HAVE BEEN ABLE TO TELL MY STORY

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