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Trail Rides+ Other galloping horses= A spooked horse and getting thrown off.

It started out like anyday we were riding then our group decided we were going to go on a trail ride. My instructer cam with us and we started off. We were in a line about 2 horse lengths between each other. We started trotting along then into a small canter. We then all bundled together because we were about to go past the field the stallions were held in.

Most of our groups were mares so I was put closer to the stallion fence on my paint, Petey. Then all the sudden the two stallions came full gallop over the hill in the field at our horses. The fence was the only thing keeping them from us. But unfortunatly Petey spooked and reared/ bucked. If it hadn't of been for my Troxel Capriole I surely would have broken my nose because his neck came in full contact with the brim of my helmet and part of my face. My first instinct was to GET OFF THE HORSE. My legs were already out of the saddle by the time he started bucking and rearing. Luckily I was able to somehow manage to land on my feet while grabbing the reins.

So fortunally I was okay and so was Petey. But from now I on I always remember to keep my helmet on even if I'm just on for a secong cause you never now what could happen. (The picture is of me and Petey this summer)

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