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When I kissed the dirt

i am a firm believer in wearing a helmet, I don't care what you ride. This last weekend I went with some friends camping... we went to cowboy weekend, a big festvail. Well, we decided to go on a short trail ride. The boys were all ready on edge new place lots of horses. 'Kiawo' was a good boy on the way to dublin..... but on our way back home it went all wrong.

I was trying to get him to walk cause all he wanted to do was trot and he didn't wanna listen. So I kept asking him to walk when out of nowhere he just jumped! He went to the right and I went to the left. My hip, back and butt hit first, then the rest of my body followed. My head hit twice. I have two cracks in my helmet. One huge on the foam part and one in my shell. If i didnt have my helmet on I don't think i would be here today. In a way Troxel saved my life. I am a firm beliver in helmets!

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