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Rodeo Trail

It was a Friday afternoon the week after a long Saturday at a rated horse show. All of my barn friends and I wanted to give our horses a quick trail ride to get away from the busy show season, so we tacked up our favorite mounts and headed for the trail.

Nothing about that trail was different from any other day, and every one was easily chatting and relaxing. After stopping by the flat grassy area on the trail to pop over the low log that had fallen, we were headed down a long flat streatch going away from the barn. The lead rider asked if we wanted to move from a trot into a canter. We all agreed. I felt safe because I was on an older lesson pony who took care of riders. In addition to that, I am an advanced rider.

As we began to canter, my pony started to go faster because her short strides could not keep up with the horse in front. Soon, she was galloping, and there was no stopping her. I even tried the pulley rein. Too stunned to ask the others to stop, I held on, but it was too late. She threw in a huge rodeo buck that I wasn't expecting or able to hold back, and I was sent skyward. I landed in front of her so fast that she continued to run- and right over me! She ended up trampling various parts of my body, including my head.

The helmet I was wearing saved my life.I was rushed to the hospital. This accident happened over a year ago, and I am still in physical therapy, seeing a chiropractor, and going to a massage therapist. It has been a never-ending cycle of pain and money, but if I hadn't trusted my helmet, the doctors say I wouldn't be here to tell this story. There's no way I'm ever riding without a helmet!

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