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TROXEL helmet saved my life

About 15 days ago I was riding in a horse thats actually new in the barn, we were jumping and galloping as we usually do, we were told to gallop around the stable, but my horse just scared and bolted, everything happened really fast.

I tried to do everything I was told, I pulled the reins, everything I was taught I tried to do it but the horse was going so fast I couldnt think on anything else but to stay on the horse, suddenly I remembered my dad told me that if I pulled a rein, only one to one side, the horse well be galloping in circles and finally stoping, so I tried to pull the rein. I pulled it so hard, the horse did a sudden turn, and i was in the air.

I felt i lasted long time in the air, but actually it wasnt even a second, when I finally hit the ground, the first thing i hit the ground with was my head, and then all my body was full of scrapes, I couldnt feel the right side of my body for about 5 seconds, then everybody came to help me out, they took of my Troxel helmet and found out it was smashed, it was broken in half, they carried me into the barn and helped me stand up.

After that they took me to the hospital, the doctor was amazed, i only had a mild neck sprain, he sent me for a head scan and it was perfectly fine! everyone just cant believe I am ok! thanks to my Troxel helmet, i reallyy owe you!


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