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My little niece says I saved her life by buying her a Troxel

Last summer I visited my family in San Diego. As a devoted Parelli Natural Horsemanship student for over a decade, it is all about safety and savvy at my little farm. My eleven year old niece is a far more gifted rider than I and really horse crazy right now, riding the next door neighbors' fine and well-trained horses. I bought her a shiny black Troxel helmet as an early birthday gift, and to my pleasure she told me several months later that SHE had bought one for her best friend "because you shouldn't ride without a helmet."

But yesterday she rode a friend's horse --- against all my advice about never getting on a horse you don't know --- and today I got a call from Grandma that little Emily was thrown, her Troxel completely split, she was AIRVAC'd to the hospital, who pronounced her absolutely 100% uninjured. Today she told me "I would have been dead without my Troxel." thank you thank you thank you!

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