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Thank God for my Troxel Helmet!

I ride my mare alongside a 25-mile paved bike trail. One morning, a team of about a dozen bikers in a pod formation came around a corner headed straight for us. My mare bolted, then started spinning. First I lost my stirrups, then lost my reins, and as I slipped off her right side, my last conscious thought was, "This is going to hurt...a lot".

I was knocked unconscious when I hit the ground; I had three broken ribs and a separated shoulder as well. I came to in the emergency room of a local hospital, but had no memory of hitting the ground, nor anything after that. I regained consciousness that evening, but the next four days are all a haze.

The doctor told me that without my helmet, my head injuries would have been life-threatening. I suffered a concussion and one hell of a headache, but I survived! I had never worn a riding helmet before this, but I will never get on a horse without one now. I recognize how fortunate I was to have survived. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your quality product; I LOVE my Dakota. And thank you for my life.

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