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Full Bore Into the Arena Wall

I purchased my Troxel when I got my first horse 5 to 6 years ago. I always wear it when riding. On July 26, 2010 I tried out a new horse.  I got my trusty Troxel, and got on the horse.  Well, 20 minutes into a nice ride in an indoor arena, the horse took me for a wild ride.  She started to trot fast, went into a canter.  She felt so good she started to buck.  I could not stop her.  She ran full bore into the arena wall.  I was launched into the wall at eight feet above the ground.  I broke both wrists, tore my left Achilles, and had my head hit the wall.  My Troxel helmet did its job.  I suffered no head injury.  Too bad you don't make wrist and heel protectors.  Thank you for a fine product that saved my life.  I will soon be purchasing a new Troxel helmet when I can ride again.

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