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"Lucky" from the ground

It is ironic how accidents can happen. I hope that this story can become a purpose in assisting others to wear that helmet. I have been a huge advocate of wearing a helmet and teased because of it. Numerous times I've been reminded how "true horse people" don't need helmets and "experienced" equestrians most certainly don't need helmets. . . right?? Teased because I will always be rated a beginner and not to be taken seriously as an adult with a helmet. Accidents can most certainly happen at the strangest times. I was not wearing a helmet. I did not have insurance and was not riding a horse that day. I was in the coop and heard the scuffle. Upon going outside to the fence I noticed the two 2-year olds coming up to the gate. These well-behaved youngsters got calmed that day from the OTHER side of the gate. After a few minutes when they were acting like themselves I opened the gate and walked inside. They were both to my side, nuzzling and asking for attention -- the scratches and pats they beg for. They both walked 40 feet by my side to the hay bale. I had a habit of checking on the whole group especially at night before bed and day before heading out to work in order to inspect for any new injuries TO THEM.

As I walked away towards my "person path along the treeline" about 10 feet away from the haybale, a gust of wind came up and a big branch across the way came crashing to the ground. I saw this as I turned around -- just in time to see the youngsters start to run towards the alpha mare. That mare was jumping back and turned and bit the youngsters -- who then ran away from her and straight at me. I was knocked to the ground and fought the hoof that came straight at and onto my head. I immediately felt pain and my legs and arms went up to ward off more hooves coming my way. . . As I got up my left wrist, forehead and left knee and ankle were roaring with pain. My forehead above my left eye started to swell quickly and I hobbled 2 more steps towards the first tree grabbed it and hung on . . . I ended up with a moderate concussion on that day less than 2 weeks ago Fractured ankle, fractured "shin" and wrist No helmet and not riding My vision is still blurred, I can't concentrate, it is difficult to watch television, I am not hungry and have to fight not to become dehydrated and have trouble carrying on a long conversation. I won't even get into the mood swings. . . and the meds are making me very tired. Helmets are very worthwhile pieces of equipment and should not be optional. Hats off (helmets on) to those carrying on this very important mission.

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