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Unfinished Beach Ride

I was taking part in a charity ride on the beach from Fleetwood to Blackpool & back, having a lovely time with my friend, riding in the tide.We were just trotting & the water was splashing up.

The next thing I remember was lying on the wet sand, my head hurting like mad & blood everywhere!The air ambulance took me to hospital where I had a scan,but everything was OK,then they cleaned me up, glued my head wound 7 told me to rest for a few days.I lost half a tooth,have a black eye,bruised jaw & cheekbone & massive bruising to my BOOBS ! OUCH, very painful.

My friend said I came out of the side door, then got dragged for a bit which would account for my injuries, I probably got stood on or kicked but I have no memory of the actual fall or moment of impact,maybe he spooked or lost his footing.

Everyone was marvellous & Thank God for my Troxel Legacy helmet which has a big dinge in the side. Just going on line to purchase a replacement.

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