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The Tree Almost Won

My daughter was cantering her horse, out in a field, and was asking her to bend one direction, yet her horse wanted to go the other direction and there was a tree in between. They ended up going under a very low lying large branch of the tree. I watched her head hit the branch and she was scraped off. Her arm ended up with a large 3x4" burn type wound on it with a bruise on her leg, a scrape and bruise on her other shoulder. I saw her head hit the branch, yet only a scrape on her chin and, amazingly, the rest of her head was fine.

Two components off the side of the Troxel helmet were ripped off, and was found on the ground, so your helmets you sell are worth their weight in gold. It took the brunt of the tree hit and was torn off, instead of the side of her head!

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