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I survived...my helmet did not:(

I have ridden horses my whole life and never wore a helmet. When I started teaching dressage lessons I decided I should start practicing what I preach to the kids I taught and start wearing one.

A couple days ago I was working my 6 yr old friesian mare that I started as a 3 yr old. I have never taken a spill off of her until this day. We were working a 20 meter circle at canter when she spooked and started swaping leads and cross firing. When we got to the wall she couldn't decide which way to go and I was already out of the saddle. She chose a direction and I was thrown into the wall of our arena.

The first thought I had as I was still rolling was "Thank God I have my helmet on!" I felt the adjustment bar in the back break and the helmet start wobling around on my head. If it had been my head that took that impact I may not be telling this story! I have a fractured foot, some whiplash and one sore butt, but I am okay thanks to my Reliance Troxel helmet!

Thank you Troxel!

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