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Troxel saved me from serious injury!

January 28, 2010 I was out riding my horse Bentley, a 15 year old Appendix Quarter Horse. He is my 1st horse and I am 58. I had just gotten my confidence level up and went to our neighbors to ride.

It is a Paint Ball Park with lots of obstacles all over the place. I was riding with my neighbor that day. Bentley was acting a little reactive so I decided it was time to head home. Well no more then a minute after heading home something spooked him and the other horse! They are both big horses (16hh), and they both reacted.

Bentley started to run fast. The other horse was bucking but stopped. I tried to bend Bentley and he didn't respond, he was in total survival mode! I was close to home and he was heading that way so the best I could do was hang on. All of a sudden there was a pole sticking up in the Paint Ball Park, he saw it and he swerved to the left and I went to the right and my saddle started to slip. I couldn't right it, and I knew I was going down. I remember slipping to the side and saying a few choice words and then nothing. I woke up on the ground, and the person I was riding with asked me if I was ok. I was in shock. I walked back to my house and told my husband I had fallen off Bentley. He looked at me and then my helmet. I had landed on my head, and there was a big area of mud on the top and side of my helmet. My concern was my horse, he was fine.

My husband got me to the hospital. I got a CAT scan and no head injury! They told me that helmet saved my life! I had strained neck, and bruises, and a few cuts but the Troxel helmet saved me. I always wear it, and now my husband won't let anyone ride on our property without a helmet. Thank you Troxel!

andi on Bentley.jpg (246 KB)

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