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Even With a Bomb-Proof Schoolmaster...

I have worn only Troxel helmets throughout my 17 year riding career. About 5 years ago I was schooling in the covered arena at the barn where I board. I was riding my 16 year old FEI dressage schoolmaster. When I purchased him, he was described as "exceptionally safe and kind" and lived up to every bit of that.

I NEVER worried that he would do anything naughty that might hurt me in any way....and he never did. But on that day, we were cantering through a corner in the arena and he slipped and fell onto his side and, of course, I fell off, hitting the side of my head.

He got up and just stood there, waiting for me to get up. I was a bit stunned, but not hurt, thanks to my Troxel Legacy helmet. It had a dint in the side, but I was OK. Thankfully my horse was alright too. I ordered a new Troxel Legacy the next day to replace the damaged one. I'm so glad it was damaged not not my head! Thanks Troxel.

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