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Even the Most Bomb-Proof Horse Can Have an Accident

I decided to take my older mare on a ride into the South Sister's wilderness in August. She tripped trying to step over a huge log that was across the trail. My first thought was to kick myself free of her as she started to fall. My second thought was to roll into a ball with my arms across my face and let my helmet take the brunt of the fall. We both tumbled over the log and down the steep mountain. When the dust had settled I was on the opposite side of her from when I had bailed off. I grabbed the reins and got her up. Thankfully the slope back up to the trail was one that we could climb. My two riding companions were amazed. They said that it was the most horrible thing they had ever watched. My helmet was gouged and cracked, my left leg, which the horse had stepped on, felt pretty bad but I climbed back on and we rode on to the trail head which took two hours. I am now the proud owner of my third Troxel helmet. The first one saved my life eight years ago when a piece of tack failed. Anyone who thinks that wearing a helmet is stupid, is stupid. Accidents happen. My helmet made the difference in my being able to ride out of the wilderness on the back of my horse instead of a rescue helicopter.

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