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Thank God for Troxel!

Thank you SO much for creating a safe, reliable, and durable helmet. Well, let me get into what happened to let me say this... I was showing at a 4-H horse show and there is a new rule that it is mandatory to wear helmets. Well, the only helmet that I wear is troxel and they have yet again saved my life. I was running down the far side of the arena and my friends horse saw the gate was open, he took off, and I went to correct him and tried getting him to stop. Having a hard mouth and only a side pull headstall on (not something i LIKE to ride in), he didnt give to the pressure, and I went straight into the fence post, hitting my head, and my wrist on the 90 degree angle of it. I only came out with a broken wrist and a couple scars, but thanks to the helmet, (it had a huge dent in it)I can say it saved my life. I am able to be here because of that helmet taking the impact and not my head!

Thank you SO much TROXEL for making such an economical helmet for anyone to buy to improve the safety of riders!!!!!


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