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Now a "Helmet-Nazi"

I've just returned from the hospital where I spent the night under supervision for a severe concussion closed head injury.

I don't remember the incident, but I'm told that I'd been riding my Percheron mare in the pasture in a bareback pad and hackamore (normal tack for us) and Dixie and I somehow parted ways. I got her and myself to the pasture gate where I called my mom from my cell phone and told her to come outside. She says that I was crying and said that I'd bailed off and that I couldn't remember anything. I also didn't recognize the house or anyone other than my son...not even my husband. I knew who he was, but his face was not familiar.

My husband took me to the ER. I had a CT scan and some shots and normal intake stuff, none of which I remember, although I was conscious the whole time. I finally "came to" after being in my hospital room for several hours. I had an MRI of my head this morning (I fell asleep in the machine...they're not nearly as bad as they make them out to be!). The MRI came back normal, and I was able to go home.

I'm now home, with a massive headache and some wicked bumps and bruises, but no breaks. I have some immediate short-term memory issues (don't remember a conversation from 5 min. ago) and the past few days are spotty, with the accident still completely lost to me.

The ER doc says that I'm the first horse accident patient he's seen who was actually wearing a helmet, and had I not been, I'd definitely have had bleeding in my brain and very likely permanent brain damage. I have become the helmet-nazi, and will never ride without one. (Neither will anyone who rides with me!)

Thank you, Troxel, for saving my life!

Tina Yorek

ps ~ The plus side (besides being alive) is that now I get to pick out a fun, new helmet!

Canon_0506small.JPG (79 KB)

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