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I wish I had been wearing a helmet

It was 20 years ago I was a novice rider with my very first horse a well trained 7 year old quarter horse mare. I had been riding in the neighborhood where I boarded her for about an hour or so. I passed by a neighboring stable where a horse was cross tied at a wash rack..something spooked the horse and it pulled back and flipped itself onto the ground...the commotion spooked my horse and made her spin around...my saddle had loosened up during my ride and the saddle with me in it slid under my horse..not a natural place for a saddle (or a person ) to be..and my horse didn't like it very much and understandably kicked at it..resulting in my head taking one of the kicks. I fell to the ground unconscious.

Luckily there was help around and I was rushed to the hospital..where all I remember is waking up in a cat scan machine at close to 11 pm at night. All I remember of that day was going out to ride around 2.30 in the afternoon and then waking up in hospital at 11pm. The events above I had to find out from witnesses. I was very lucky I did not suffer any permanent brain damage (although some that know me might question that LOL) I spend the night in hospital for observation and other than suffering amnesia of the event I am ok. I was in my early 20's My life could have been drastically changed or ended if I had not been so Lucky and had the grace of God on my side.

I believe if I had been wearing a helmet I more than likely would have avoided the head injury and the hospital visit. I now ride with a (Troxel) helmet and encourage others to do so. I have extras in my barn and when friends want to go riding I had them one before they get on my horses. I relate it to making your passenger put their seat belt on when they get in your car..putting aside its the law..its just the smart thing to do.

Years ago It seamed like I hardly saw any of my trail riding friends wear helmets, so I didn't. Now I am pleased to see more trail riders wearing helmets :) and as some fellow safety conscious riders have praised me for wearing a helmet, I do the same when I see others wearing one :)

Sure I sometimes miss the feeling of the wind in my hair as I am riding...and I don't like the "hat hair" I get from wearing a helmet but I remind myself a little hat hair is better than having a head injury or worst. Thanks for reading my story and may all your rides be safe and fun :)

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