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My Helmet Did Its Job

Thank you Troxel, I believe I would be eating my meals from a tube (best case scenario!!) if I didn't have your helmet on.

I had my new boy on his first Endurance ride so naturally everything sent him into a frenzy. Though we took it easy, started out middle of the pack, anything ahead or coming up from behind scared him until he finally scared himself silly and ended up getting me off his back.

I came off, and for the first time ever, hit my head on the ground with such force electric shock went through my entire upper back through to my fingertips. After righting myself, I got up, walked it off with the horse and got back on and not only continued the race continued on to do day two (with a much happier horse I might add).

Ten days later I finally saw the doctor and naturally had mild concussion. The morning I went to the doctor my clothes iron fell off the top shelf and onto my head - I wish I had your helmet on then too! I wasn't aware of your accident replacement when I purchased it but decided to check it out with my tack shop where I bought it. What a pleasant surprise!! I only wore the helmet 3 times previously, but it did its job!

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