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Troxel Becomes Official Helmet of the Women’s Professional Rodeo Association

Mt Hope, OH – September, 2019 – Troxel helmets is excited to announce a new three-year partnership with the Women’s Professional Rodeo Association (WPRA) as their Official Helmet. With over 4 million helmets in the field and a safety record second to none, Troxel continues to partner with forward thinking organizations to help break the stigma regarding helmet use in western riding disciplines.

“We couldn’t be more thrilled to partner with the WPRA as their Official Helmet. It’s an honor to have Troxel be part of such an iconic women’s association that understands the long term value of increasing rider safety in order to continue to grow the sport into the future, ” said Jenny Beverage, Troxel Brand Manager.

To further encourage helmet use among members, Troxel and the WPRA will be offering a new $500 added money Helmet Incentive during the 2019 WPRA World Finals on October 24-27 in Waco, TX. “This is our first time offering an incentive like this at the WPRA World Finals. We are so pleased to be able to promote rider safety with Troxel at such a large event and reward our contestants for participating,” said Doreen Wintermute, WPRA President/CEO.

It’s been over four years now since Troxel Athlete and WPRA member Fallon Taylor stormed into the Thomas and Mack Arena at the National Finals Rodeo in Las Vegas wearing a helmet. History was made as Fallon Taylor won the 2014 Barrel Racing World Championship, all while wearing a helmet. “When you ride a bike, motorcycle, go snowboarding or do other wild things, people don’t look at you like you are crazy for wearing a helmet. We ride 1200 pound animals on hard ground…..think about it, it doesn’t seem all that crazy to wear one!” exclaims WPRA member Fallon Taylor.

Troxel is proud to keep paving the way with their athletes and the WPRA in the world of rodeo, to encourage riders to proudly wear a helmet.


World Championship Barrel Racing is brought to you by The Women's Professional Rodeo Association which was formed in 1948 when thirty-eight cowgirls came together to create an organization dedicated to the promotion and advancement of women in the sport of rodeo. The WPRA features barrel racing and roping events as well as a junior and futurity/derby division. The WPRA is the oldest women’s sports association in the country and the only one governed entirely by women.