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Add Shade and Sun Protection to Troxel Helmets with the New Helmet Brimmer™

Mt Hope, Ohio - Troxel helmets is proud to introduce the new Helmet Brimmer™, an accessory that allows the addition of shade and sun protection to most any Troxel helmet model. Constructed of a 4 ½” wide genuine palm leaf brim with visor pocket, elastic helmet band and patent pending helmet attachment system, the Helmet Brimmer™ can easily and securely be attached and removed as needed from most Troxel helmet models. 


“Many riders over the years have asked us for ways to add additional sun protection to their helmet or a way to make their helmet look more like a cowboy hat. More riders than ever are choosing to trade in their cowboy hat for a helmet but miss the sun protection and traditional look a cowboy hat provides,” said Troxel Brand Manager, Jenny Beverage. “We’ve seen riders cut up various types of hats to create something that would fit on their helmet to add sun protection or to create a cowboy hat look. As a result, our team has been hard at work developing a solution that would address both needs.” The Helmet Brimmer™ currently comes in a cowboy hat style brim shape for riders who want to add a more western look and add sun protection to their Troxel helmet. The great versatility of the Helmet Brimmer™ is that since it’s made of palm leaf, it can be easily wet and reshaped to your style preference if a different brim shape is preferred.     


The New Helmet Brimmer™ is available in a size A and size B according to what model and size Troxel helmet it will be placed on.  A size chart and instructions are available at https://www.troxelhelmets.com/products/helmet-brimmer and the Helmet Brimmer™can be found online and through Troxel retail partners nationwide.