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Announcement Regarding ASTM Certification

UPDATE: As of October 20, 2015, Troxel has been informed that ASTM has ruled to name the new certification ASTM F1163-15 NOT ASTM F1163-13. The below announcement has been modified accordingly.

Troxel LLC, the worldwide leader in ASTM/SEI-certified equestrian helmets, has taken its role as a leader in the engineering of equestrian head protection very seriously since producing the first ASTM certified equestrian helmet in 1993. This leadership in head protection has been verified by continued independent testing of equestrian helmets and more importantly, 22 years of actual field results. As such, we are writing to inform you about an upcoming change in ASTM Certification.

The current ASTM equestrian standard, ASTM F1163-04a is being changed to ASTM F1163-15 next year. This technical change adds specifications to variable mass head forms used in helmet impact testing. This means that some helmets will be tested with a wider range of head forms. It does not change; however, the maximum impact forces allowed, nor the helmet coverage limits, nor the retention system test.

This technical change of ASTM test methodology does not mean that past Troxel helmets tested to the evolving ASTM standards will be less protective than Troxel F1163-15 helmets purchased after this change takes effect. Rest assured that Troxel helmets sold with ASTM F1163-04a/SEI stickers will be as field protective as helmets sold under the new ASTM F1163-15/SEI standard. All models produced by Troxel will continue to be made significantly better than the test limits.

SEI will start certifying equestrian helmets to the new standard sometime on or after January 4th, 2016. If you own a Troxel helmet tested to the ASTM F1163-04a standard, you do not need to replace or modify your helmet. Troxel helmets sold with ASTM F1163-04a /SEI stickers are not defective nor under protective. None will require modifications or replacement. All of Troxel’s F1163-04a helmets remain certified for the lifetime of the product. Additionally, equestrian judges and organizations should approve all Troxel helmets certified to the F1163-04 or F1163-15 ASTM/SEI standards.

If you have questions related to the evolution of ASTM standard testing or labeling, please contact our customer service team at 800-288-4280.