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Troxel Donates Dressage Helmets to Raise Funds for Courtney King-Dye

Troxel LLC, the worldwide leader in ASTM/SEI-certified equestrian helmets, has donated more than $2,000 worth of Troxel helmets to an eBay store raising funds for Courtney King-Dye.

King-Dye, a top dressage rider and member of the 2008 Olympic team, suffered a serious head injury after falling from a horse in Florida last month. When her horse stumbled, King-Dye, who was not wearing a helmet at the time, was knocked unconscious.

To help offset King-Dye’s medical expenses, Troxel has donated twelve Reliance helmets to be auctioned on an eBay store established by SUCCEED® Digestive Conditioning, one of King-Dye's long-time sponsors. All proceeds from sales will go directly to the Courtney King-Dye Medical Fund. To bid on the items, or participate in this auction, visit http://www.stores.ebay.com/Courtney-King-Dye-Medical-Fund

“Troxel has received many letters, emails and phone calls asking for our support to the recovery of Ms. Courtney King-Dye,” said Shay Timms, CEO of Troxel. “We are very touched by this and jumped on the idea to donate our most popular English show and Dressage helmet. We are fully committed to working on fundraising, helmet giveaways and other efforts to support Ms. King-Dye, as well as furthering rider education and acceptance of helmets.”

Earlier this month, Troxel sponsored a contest that demonstrated an increased awareness and support for helmets in the equestrian community. On Equestrian Collections’ Facebook page, visitors were asked to share a story of how a helmet has prevented them from being seriously injured. With more than 100 stories posted, it is the most successful contest on Equestrian Collections’ Facebook page to date.

One of the stories was posted by professional dressage rider Heather Blitz. Following Courtney King-Dye's accident, Blitz started a campaign to urge more riders to wear helmets.

“I am delighted to support Troxel's initiative in promoting safe riding by making helmet wear a habit for all riders. I have received an overwhelming and positive response to my recent campaign reminding everyone to wear a helmet, no matter what the riding activity," Blitz said. "Horses are horses and we cannot control their every movement, no matter how experienced the rider. We can, however, take responsibility for our own safety by wearing a helmet in all circumstances when we are mounted."

About Troxel
Troxel is the world's leading provider of ASTM / SEI certified equestrian helmets for competitive, schooling and recreational riding.  Established in 1898, Troxel is recognized for its innovative design and research leadership in helmetry.  Based in San Diego, California, Troxel now dedicates all its resources to equestrian helmets and related accessories, and has provided over three million helmets to the equestrian market.