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Terrain™ Horse Riding Helmet

$ 138.99

You can trust this highly-ventilated equestrian helmet to keep you cool, comfortable, and more protected no matter where your riding takes you and your equine partner. From trail riding to competitive horse riding, a protective helmet delivering the perfect combination of advanced safety features and cooling technology is a must-have addition to any equestrian’s gear. The Terrain’s stylish, low-profile design, highly-engineered vents, and innovative, moisture-wicking headliner elevates this horse riding helmet to the next level in performance.

Key features include:

  • 12 extra-large vents strategically placed for maximum airflow and cooling makes this helmet an essential addition to your horse riding gear
  • Patented Coolcore® headliner moves moisture and sweat away from your body while dissipating heat
  • Headliner is treated with FUZE technology for permanent, chemical-free, anti-odor performance that stands up to even the hottest riding conditions
  • Frontal reinforcement cage for extra impact resistance without impeding ventilation
  • Latest generation, micro-adjustable DialFit™ system for precise fit
  • ASTM/SEI-certified

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Over two years of research and development went into engineering the most ventilated helmet in the equestrian industry, the new Terrain™. This next generation, lightweight, low profile helmet is equipped with 12 extra large vents that deliver unmatched airflow and a newly-developed front cage that adds an extra level of impact resistance. The polycarbonate shell is co-molded to the EPS liner for the perfect combination of lightweight performance and strength. Innovations like a patented, cooling and moisture-wicking Coolcore® liner treated with odor-busting FUZE technology, a shatterproof visor and a new micro-adjustable DialFit™ system take the Terrain™ helmet to the next level.

Highly Ventilated Helmet

  • Introducing the equine helmet industry's leader in ventilation performance
  • Highly engineered vents maximize airflow
  • 12 extra large vents are strategically-placed for maximum cooling
  • Comfortable, cooling and moisture-wicking Coolcore® liner

Coolcore® Technology

  • Chemical-free cooling technology
  • Moves moisture and sweat away from your body
  • Dissipates heat to regulate core temperature
  • Cooling lasts lifetime of material
  • 100% machine washable

Eco-friendly FUZE Technology

  • Permanent, chemical-free, anti-odor technology
  • Uses a mechanical breakdown to kill bacteria rather than a chemical reaction
  • Precisely targets only odor-causing bacteria and fungus that come in contact with the treated surface
  • Proven to maintain efficacy for over 100 washes