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Tammy Sronce

Tammy Scronce

Tammy Scronce wearing the Fallon Taylor Collection

Tammy resides in Fort Worth, Texas. A native Australian, Tammy came to Texas to train cutting horses. For many years, Tammy worked alongside Hall of Fame cutting horse trainer, Lindy Burch of Oxbow Ranch, Weatherford, TX. Tammy now uses her many years of horsemanship skills, to train shooting horses, as well as to give demonstrations, lessons and mounted shooting clinics.

Tammy has also pursued a career in equine marketing. She is the Director of Operations for Road to the Horse, the World Championship of Colt, which is held annually at the Kentucky Horse Park in Lexington, KY. Tammy is also involved in the National Barrel Horse Association. In 2019, Tammy graduated, with honors, from Colorado State University obtaining a BA in Science, Communication. Tammy is currently pursuing a Master’s in Organizational Leadership.

Tammy is a multiple CMSA World Champion Cowgirl, a multiple CMSA National Champion Cowgirl, a two-time High Point National Champion, a National Rifle Champion and a Cowgirl Hall of Fame nominee. Tammy also claims Overall Championship titles from both the Western and Eastern U.S. Championships. She also claims major rifle championships from the Eastern and Western Championships and is a past World Record holder. Tammy has won the Texas State and South-Central High Point Championship for 8 consecutive years.

Tammy Sronce was the first ever cowgirl competitor in CMSA to reach the Level 6 status, the first cowgirl to win an Overall High Point Championship, and the only person to ever sweep overall titles in all four major CMSA championships. She is one of only two cowgirls to ever win a CMSA Rifle championship, against the cowboys at a major competition. Tammy is also the only cowgirl in history to win an Overall CMSA National Rifle Championship.

In January 2012, Tammy sustained a traumatic brain injury from a collision with a drunk driver. She was unable to compete in 2012 and returned to the competition arena in July 2013 after rehabilitation and surgery to correct a nerve condition. Tammy stills deals daily with the impact of Occipital Neuralgia from the injury but believes in perseverance and dedication to the dream.

In 2013, Tammy was awarded the Craig Ferrell M.D Equestrian Safety Award for her promotion of riding helmets by Riders4Helmets. Tammy has returned to the top level of competition winning State, Regional, National and World Championships since her return to the competition arena. Tammy continues as an Ambassador for Troxel Helmets.

A TBI doesn't differentiate if you're a World Champion or a novice rider. As a World Champion mounted shooter, I found myself rehabbing from a TBI in 2012. It changed my life. The comfort, confidence, and security my Troxel Helmet has given me is priceless. You won't see me on a horse now without my Troxel Helmet

For more information please visit www.TexasShootingHorses.com and follow Tammy on Facebook.

Tammy Scronce
Tammy Scronce
Tammy Scronce