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Paul Treas, Treas Horse Trailer Sales - Troxel Helmets

Paul Treas

Paul competing in a Liberty Black Helmet


Paul is 33 years old and the owner of Treas Horse Trailer Sales located in Lewisburg, PA. Paul raced Motocross for most of his younger life and even raced professionally for 3 years before hanging that sport up to start a family.

He started into horses in 2007 when he and his wife Jen bought a small farm and got a few horses. Together they showed the QH circuit in the HUS classes for a few years before being introduced to the sport of Cowboy Mounted Shooting in 2015. Over the next 2 1/2 years, Paul moved up the ranks from a beginner level 1 shooter to a level 6 shooter, the top professional level.

Paul has won many state, regional and national titles including the Eastern US Championships Overall and Showcase Shotgun Winner. Recently Paul also won the 2019 CMSA National Championship Overall and Showcase Shotgun Winner, as well as the coveted CMSA National Champion All Around Cowboy. Paul continues to strive for bigger goals and loves working with the lower level beginner shooters to teach them about the sport of Cowboy Mounted Shooting.

"Coming from a Motocross background where helmets are always worn, it was odd to me to see everyone in Hats versus helmets. But, I followed the norm and wore a hat. As I was reaching faster speeds in the Cowboy Mounted Shooting events, I started to feel a little uncomfortable knowing that if something tragic would happen and I came off the horse that not having a helmet on my head could result in tragic head trauma.

I know from Motocross that a helmet is not going to completely prevent head injuries but it sure did keep me alive on numerous occasions. Seeing my two little girls—Georgia, 6 and Lily, 5—wearing helmets I felt like I needed to step up to the plate and put a helmet on to be a good role model for not only my two precious girls but for all the kids coming up through the riding ranks. I feel as a top level Men's 6 in Cowboy Mounted Shooting that I can start to set a standard for the younger generation to follow and also possibly get some of the older generation to realize that wearing a helmet can be a cooler thing then they once thought. My goal is to help people realize that wearing a helmet is not only to help protect yourself but can also be a fashion trendy accessory."

Paul Treas

Paul competing in a Liberty Black Helmet

Paul and Jen Treas

Paul and his wife, Jen Treas. Paul is wearing a Liberty Cobalt Helmet.

Heather Smith

Jen Treas also competes in mounted shooting. Here she is wearing a Rebel Dreamcatcher Helmet