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Bestselling Horse Riding Helmets Made Even Better with Mips® Safety Technology


Highly-ventilated design with patented Coolcore® Headliner

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Low-profile, full-coverage design in fun graphics and colors

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Both now available with Mips technology!

Mips - Safety For Helmets

Mips technology is based on decades of research studying brain injuries and helmet construction, making it a state-of-the-art protection system featured in helmets across a wide range of activities: horse riding, snowboarding, snow skiing, cycling, motorsports, and rock climbing.


We know from scientific research that the brain is particularly sensitive to rotations. In the event of an impact, the helmet technology provided by a Mips safety system is intended to help reduce the impact of rotational energy on the head by enabling a relative movement between the head and helmet.

The rotational motion can cause brain injuries.

The Low Friction Layer is intended to help reduce the rotational motion to the head in certain angled impacts.



Watch this short video to learn how Mips works in
an equestrian helmet.