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Not Quite the Ride I Expected

On the evening of August 1st I went out to take my paint gelding, Thunder for a quick ride to celebrate buying my new truck! I saddled him up, put on my Troxel Rebel Rocker helmet and started out towards the trail.

I remember walking up the hill in the hayfield thinking how beautiful the evening was on the farm. I made it through a little patch of woods then into a second hayfield where Thunder started to take off a little bit. But, I quickly brought him in a circle and pointed him towards the trail. That's the last thing I remember of my so-called celebratory ride.

All I know is that I must have hit pretty hard because I still don't remember ever thinking I was going to fall off. I also don't remember hitting the ground, putting the horse back in the field after taking off his bridle, the ten minute drive down a backroad hill to town or a few other events they say happened before I arrived at a friend's for help.

I ended up in the emergency room for a few days with a broken vertebra in my neck, a concussion, a sprained thumb and a few other bumps and bruises. No one can figure out what happened because they didn't find my saddle until the next day, 50 yards in the woods with a broken off billet, and my reins in my truck were broke. The doctors couldn't believe I wasn't hurt worse and contribute my well being to wearing my helmet! I'm thankful I put it on or they say I may not have been able to submit my story today. I picked out my new Troxel Rebel Pink Rose helmet and can't wait to wear it again in the saddle!

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