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Just Another Day in the Arena with Kisses

I am writing this as a very thankful but shook to the core Mom, I watched helplessly today as Lexi's mare decided she was going to test her 13 year old rider and inadvertently the young Mare won.

She threw Lexi into the arena fence head first then onto her shoulder for the landing, Kisses went from walk, to trot and then an uncontrolled canter, not listening to any rein commands and showing us the new bit was a poor choice. Thankfully and due to the diligence set in place because of Melissa Davis's story recently on Facebook, Lexi was wearing her helmet and while banged up, scratched and sore, she is ok.

This was the first time she has ever been thrown and while I knew it could happen one day and could see it unfolding in slow motion, I knew she had God and her brand new Troxel helmet to protect her. She did get back up and after many deep breaths and tears she fixed the issue her mare presented. Lexi didn't want to, she wanted to end it there. But, she did, through the tears, mount her horse and show that snotty lil 3 year old mare who was boss. They were again in sync by the end of the day.

While I took away points for her dismount lol, I gave her 10's across the board for bravery and tenacity. God and her Troxel Rebel Helmet saved her from what could have been very serious. The helmet was always in the tack room and sometimes it was forgotten. But, Melissa Davis's story and Melissa's Helmet Crusade page have made it front of mind awareness at this barn.

NOTE: While we're extremely grateful to Lexi and her mom for sharing their story, we want to caution other riders to never reuse a helmet involved in an accident. In this case, Lexi mounted her horse again after her fall wearing the same helmet. Once any certified equestrian helmet has been in an accident, its materials may be compromised. Even if a visual inspection shows no damage, damage may be hidden in the EPS underneath the shell. As such, the helmet may not absorb additional impacts/energies in the same manner a non-impacted helmet would. If you are ever involved in an accident, please replace your helmet immediately before getting back in the saddle. Also, be sure to check out our FAQs and Online Resources for more information about helmet safety.

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