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A Little Life Saved - A Horse Trainer's Story

Dear Troxel,

I'm a horse trainer in Utah and also run a large lesson program. Since I was a youth rider many years ago, I've always purchased your helmets for practice and competition and to this day, use your products within my program.

Earlier this week, we had a terrible accident involving a 4 year old little girl who got her foot caught in the stirrup and was dragged several laps around the arena before having her foot released and stepped on continuously by the horse. This was single-handedly the most horrific moment within my career. The parents rushed her to the emergency room for X-rays and scans and she was battered and bruised but turned out to be alright. And if you are wondering how such a little person could be OK after that type of incident involving a 1,200 pound animal, it's because of you.

The helmet was absolutely crushed and destroyed. But it saved her life. The doctors said if she would have been wearing a bicycle helmet, she would have been killed. It was because of your quality and efficiency that this little girl is able to wake up everyday, smiling, with the same love and passion for horses that she had before the accident.

Thank you Troxel for making such a wonderful product and for providing my students with the safety needed to ride these powerful animals. I will only let my clients purchase Troxel helmets and I will continue to only use your product within my growing program. It's just unfortunate that I'm now one helmet less. I guess I'll have to go out and purchase another immediately! Thank you again!


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