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Thank You Troxel!!!

Exactly 7 days ago I was riding my husbands Thoroughbred cross gelding, Tanner. He is almost 17 hands and can be a bit of a handful. I had been riding for about 20 minutes and we had been doing great. Suddenly, he started bucking hard and I was thrown on hard ground covered in rocks on the left side of the horse.

I had instant pain in my ankle and had the wind knocked out of me. I gathered myself together, limped to the horse, got him settled down and got back on and rode another five minutes without incident. It wasn't until I had got back to the barn and unsaddled him that I looked at my helmet. It was covered in scrapes all along the left side!! I had obviously hit my head and didn't even realize it!! I was so surprised and so very thankful I had been wearing my helmet.

I was raised in a cowboy culture that weirdos and bad riders wear helmets. I have endured a lot of teasing from my Dad over the topic. I bought my helmet to set an example for my children who wear a helmet or they don't ride. I will be showing Dad my damaged helmet at the first opportunity. I can't thank you enough for your outstanding product and for keeping my noggin' intact.

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