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LIttle Girl's First Fall

My 8-year-old daughter got her first horse this year! He is a 21 year old retired world champion working cowhorse who takes extra special care of her. Recently, at a Stockhorse clinic in the trail area, she asked him to go too fast too quickly, and he side-stepped when a bunny jumped in front of him. Off she went! I loped my horse over as fast as I could! Her horse was standing in a very apologetic fashion with his reins around his ears.

She cried because the fall scared her, but she was not hurt (even though she had landed on the back of her head and was drug a few feet when her boot stuck in the stirrup for a few seconds). She was able to get back on and ride back to the trailer. The back of her helmet looked as though it had been drug through a gravel parking lot. Since this incident, I purchased her a new helmet and one for myself (Troxel of course). I had never worn one, but from now on we both shall! I even have my Mom wearing one now too (3 generations of converts!!)!

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