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I thought I'd be safe in the round pen....

My sweet Quarter horse had been lame for about four weeks, so when the vet said it would be OK to saddle him up and walk him in the round pen I was really ready. But while saddling him up I noticed an uneasiness about him. Was it the sound of the new corrective shoes on the concrete? Maybe it was the new saddle I was trying out.

Whatever the reason, he just wasn't himself. So as I lead him down the breezeway of the barn towards the round pen, almost as an after thought, I reached over and picked up my daughters helmet. I ALWAYS make her wear her helmet as she is only eight and just learning to ride. I myself seldom wear one unless riding by myself, with no one else in the vicinity.

On this particular Saturday, everyone was here. My daughter in the house watching TV and my husband working around the place. After reaching the round pen and mounting up I traveled one time around to the left and then turned him and began traveling to the right. All I remember is he started crow hopping and I heard his new aluminum shoe hitting the corral panel. As best we can determine I must have been thrown, knocked unconscious, and laid there for around 10 minutes.

When my husband found us I was trying to crawl and my horse was standing there, confused and trapped in the pen. After a trip to the hospital, CT scan and other test I was released to go home and nurse my concussion. You know as a mom it's not even a question, my child MUST wear her helmet. And from now on, I'll be wearing mine too! Even in the relative safety of a round pen. I'm convinced if not for my Troxel helmet the outcome would have been much, much different. I've sooo much to be Thankful for this season. Thanks Troxel!

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