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Disaster At a Walk

Most of us who have been riding for a lifetime never imagine that disaster is so close at hand. I've been riding the same trails for 15 years and was just finishing a 15 mile ride with my riding partner when things took a bizarre change that almost took my life.

At a walk, I was coming down that last hill on a trail that's about 3 feet wide with a 100' steep embankment at my right. My horse tripped on his right toe, went down to his knees and the slight decline of the trail to the right brought him over onto his right side. Within a blink of an eye I found myself pinned under my horse, up to my shoulders, between the ground and a 3ft wire fence. He struggled to get up, grinding me into the ground, but the angle of the trail kept him solidly on top of me.

Thanks to my riding partner's quick response 20 minutes later paramedics and police came to my aid soon deciding that shooting my horse was the only way to save me. My horse gave one last try to get up only this time he came back down hard enough onto me to break the fence post we had been pinned against. He then rolled all the way over the top of me and dragged me with him down the embankment. My head took the full weight of his shoulders as he crossed over me. I suffered a broken nose, bruises and contusions to my mastoid bone, cheekbone, temple and neck but my Troxel Sierra helmet saved my life.

I have no doubt that I would have had massive head injury without it. Please, please never ride without a helmet and never settle for anything less than the quality of a Troxel. My horse and I are both doing well and we'll be out there riding again soon. Thank you to my riding partner Jayne for saving my life by being prepared, carrying her cell phone and keeping her calm. Huge kisses to my 5yr old Casanova who saved us both with his calm, trusting demeanor. I know without a doubt that if he had struggled more I wouldn't be here to tell this story. Thank you again Troxel...this happy ending belongs to you!


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