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Me and a tree in the wrong place

A friend and I were getting ready to go out on a trail ride, she had her helmet on, I kept thinking I'll put mine on, no I wont need it. I have a right brain extravert, 5 year old gelding 16 hands and 1100 lbs..her horse being use to the trails, and my horse is not. I thought why push my luck, I put my helmet on.

So we go on our ride, came to a creek, my friend went 1st. no problems, mine was not sure, so we went a different way. So everything is going right, we are just walking our horses thru the woods, here comes a small trickle of a creek, again my friend goes first, then me, my horse hops over it, what a surprise!!! All is okay. We go on. Well, we come to another creek with a steeper bank and it's a little muddy, soooo I get off, my first mistake, I cross the stream first, 2nd mistake, ( I should have sent him over by himself )as soon as I got over I hear him, I turned slightly to see a white and palamino chest coming, he had jumped the creek, and crushed me into a tree. I heard a crunch and felt a searing burning pain in the left side of my chest, I am a woman, yep it hurt like (well you know)...I slid down to the ground holding onto the tree.  My head pounding, I am dazed, my left breast feels like its on fire. My poor friend did a great job of comforting me, and helping me get to my feet. Not all accidents happen while in the saddle.

As we are walking back to the barn it's about 2 to 3 miles, we take our helmets off and mine has about a 5 to 6 inch dent from the tree. If I had not put on that helmet, I may not be sending this. I walked away with serious bruising and a stiff neck this moring.

Thank you for making such a great product. I will be ordering my new Sierra helmet.

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