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Helmet saved my life

While riding a green horse today, I took a nasty fall. I landed on my back and hit my head hard. Luckily I was wearing my Troxel helmet. When I got up, I tasted blood and realized my nose was bleeding. I am 48 and have never had a nose bleed. Bear in mind that I did not strike my face in any way. This had to be a powerful blow to have caused such a reaction. I sat there awhile and got my bearings.

As an RN I am pretty sure I had a mild concussion anyway. If I had hit the back of my head without this safely device, I would not be writing this. My particular sport is Endurance and it has been my habit to wear a helmet since starting this 12 years ago. I promote helmets to all my horsey friends but many refuse to wear them.

This is the second incident where I am sure a helmet saved me. So everyone, please wear one. PS I was 100 yards from home.

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