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My Helmet Paid Off Again

First of all, I always wear my helmet. Absolutely when riding and usually when doing veterinary work with the horses. Once when the vet was there to vaccinate I had looped the rope tied to a halter around a 3 x12 cottonwood board bolted to the uprights (what my arena is lined with. Now I have those great tie rings)

The horse jerked back pulling the board free and it struck me in the head taking me off my feet. I came to flat on my back ten feet away, bleeding from a cut above my eye where a splinter evidently caught.

They took me to the hospital, I was fine. I have sent several helmets back and I always think, " They probably wonder how crazy this woman is!" These fine comfortable helmets have saved me several times, the last time getting dumped off at a dead run. One vendor told me that my stories have sold a hundred+ Troxel helmets for them. They are the best investment you can make.

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