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I broke my helmet and came out with no injuries

I am sure my helmet saved my life. While I was training Western Pleasure horses, I had a horse rear up and go over back wards. He was a large probably 1300lb or more horse. When I jumped off his back was too the wall so I landed by the wall, he continued coming over squishing my head between the wall and his rear end it was scary I couldn't move. Once it was all over I took off my helmet and it was cracked completely through, but I didn't even get a concussion. I am sure without a helmet I would not have been that lucky. I keep my broken helmet as a reminder and so I can show people proof that helmets work.

My Great Aunt was riding in her own arena several years ago on a well trained horse. He must have tripped and she some how hit her head, when she woke up her helmet was broken in two. She didn't know who she was or where she was, but thought she should walk the horse around. Someone found her walking in the arena. I am sure she would not have been alive had she not had her helmet on that day.

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