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Anything can happen at Anytime

My accident happened in November of '09, so very recent. My four year old mare and I were at a week long show and it was Saturday of that week. Everything had been going great, she had been placing well over fences and on the flat (considering she didn't have lead changes!). However, that Saturday morning I knew something was up the moment I got on her. Oh, she wasn't acting spooky or silly, but she was throwing her head every time I touched her mouth. As we were competing in jumping classes, I sort of had to touch her mouth.

I of course, checked the bit, the bridle and trainer and I came to the conclusion that I was just nagging her in the mouth. I got in for my first two rounds of the Long Stirrup over fences and they were just awful. She didn't want to come down to do lead changes, she didn't stay straight in the lines, and was just naughty.

Then came our third and final round of the day. The round was going Great. She had finally settled down and was in tune with me. I don't know what happened. Or how. Or why. In our last line (we had three more fences till we were done) something happened. We go to the first fence, nice rhythm, nice flowy canter, and she's listening. We had the perfect spot to the little fence. For some reason, she decided to take an extra step, tripped, saw something out of the corner of her or something... but she caught herself in the fence. We both took a head dive. She and I laid on the ground for a few seconds. I could feel her next to me. And I was blacked out for what seemed like a few seconds. My mare got up and just stood there over me. My trainers and the EMT people came rushing over. Me, being the anxiety ridden one, was sobbing and trying to see my horse. She was bleeding from her nose and had a scratch. Not nearly as bad as what Could have happened.

I'm So glad I was wearing a helmet. Before that fall, I sometimes rode without one, but now I always buckle one on. If my mare and trip over a two three fence and flip, then Anything can happen at Anytime. Luckily, the mare and I were OK. I was a little shaken and my head throbbed, as well as my neck, for a little while but it was ok. My mare just had a scratch and was a bit off. We were able to go back into the ring the very next day and all was well. Not a bit of lameness and I felt fine. One rider said, "I didn't expect to see you back!" and I just replied, "Yeah, me neither." I'm so grateful for my show helmet

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