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Seeing Stars

I always wear a helmet while riding...it's a good thing or I probably would be eating gruel right now. Bhen gave one big buck while going up a steep climb. I went flying and in slow motion I hit the ground. My butt hit the hard, frozen ground first then my head whip lashed back, making full contact with the ground.

I actually saw white stars like in the cartoons. Dang, I was hurt and mad. Once I settled my emotions I knew I had to get back on him. We walked the three miles back to the barn. I wasn't until about 1/2 way when I reached up and felt that my helmet was cracked and split up the back and from side to side!

I just couldn't imagine what my brains would look like on that frozen ground if I hadn't been wearing a helmet. I am pretty sure I would of had a MAJOR head injury.

I was sore the next day and had a good bruise on my butt but my head was in one piece. Thank you Troxel!! It bummed me that I had to throw away my most favorite helmet but that is a small price to pay to be alive!

I encourage everyone to wear a helmet, even if you are riding your most favorite, trusty horse. I just takes one fall...

Sally Eagle, Idaho

*Bhen turned out to be a really awesome horse after he tested me a few more times.

Bhen Owyhee 30 5-05 b.jpg (126 KB)

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