•  August 20, 2012

    Pin it to Win it CONTEST!

    Hello Pinners! Is there a reason you wear a helmet? Oftentimes there is a deep reason behind it for some - a scary fall or a close call. We want to know why you wear a Troxel helmet and which ones are your favorites from our new 2013 line! We are picking three winners! Here's how it works: Official Rules What...

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  •  August 03, 2012

    Jacqueline Brooks Becomes First Competitor to Wear a helmet in Olympic Games

    We are so thrilled at Troxel helmets to hear about Jacqueline Brooks making history at the 2012 London Olympics by being the first competitor to wear a helmet instead of the usual top hat historically worn by dressage competitors. Read the press release below via Jacqueline Brooks of Cedar Valley, ON, is currently the top placed member of the Canadian...

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  •  August 02, 2012

    Top 10 Funny Reasons to Wear a Helmet: Shared by Troxel Fans

    Hides unseemly bald spot Helmets are more effective at repelling angry swooping birds Just in case the jump that you jumped two days ago has suddenly grown horns and is going to attack your horse, you’re covered Helmets don’t make your butt look big! (it’s true!) Practicing ‘flying dismounts’ (unplanned) … have been known to cause headaches You did...

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  •  July 24, 2012

    Guest Blog Post: Summer Riding Tips to Beat the Heat

    Guest Blog post by Amy Hamlet of Dover Saddlery With the hot summer months officially upon us, riders should take precautions to ensure their health and the health of their horses. Long, hot summer days and high humidity increase the risk of dehydration, heat stress and other heat-related health issues for horse and rider. There are steps riders can take...

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  •  July 18, 2012

    Troxel Summer Helmet Giveaway Sweepstakes Winner Announced!

    We’re proud to announce the grand prize winner of the Troxel Summer Helmet Giveaway Sweepstakes! We gave away one of our all-new helmets every week for 6 weeks. This included the 2012 Venture, Liberty, Intrepid and Avalon. We received over 3,500 entries who entered the sweepstakes via our website, Twitter and Facebook pages. We drew a name out of a...

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