•  September 30, 2013

    Learn How to Fit Your Child's Helmet in Three Easy Steps

    Wearing a helmet is a simple choice for safety that most parents are aware of, yet we often see children who are wearing their helmets incorrectly. Here are some helmet safety tips to properly wearing a helmet. Not sure if you should replace your child's helmet? Click here to find out when it's time to replace your riding helmet. Incorrect helmet...

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  •  September 20, 2013

    Cell phone use: Warning issued for riders

    Posted with permission of Horse Safety USA and Tack'nTogs. So-called "distracted driving" laws prohibiting cell phone use while driving are being enacted around the nation, and now it is time for the equine community to take notice, says one equine safety professional. "It's important for riders to remember that the horse can be an unpredictable animal," notes Wayne G. Hipsley...

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  •  September 16, 2013

    Sierra Sweepstakes Winners!

    We want to thank everyone who participated, and would like to congratulate all the winners for entering! A special thanks to our sponsors for their generous contributions. We’re proud to announce the winners of the Troxel Sierra Sweepstakes! To celebrate the launch of Troxel’s newly redesigned, best-selling Sierra Western helmet (available Fall 2013), we teamed up with product ambassador Julie...

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  •  September 12, 2013

    10 Reminders For Times When You Don’t Feel Like Wearing Your Helmet

    Riding a horse is more than a simple ride. It’s about the open trail, the wind in your hair and the smell of freedom. But with great freedom comes great responsibility, especially for the safety of you, your kids and those around you. Before you grip the reins on your next ride, take a moment to review these...

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  •  September 10, 2013

    A 5 Step Plan to Overcoming Your Fear

    We consistently receive testimonials from riders expressing how challenging it is to get back in the saddle after an unnerving accident on their horse. How you begin to build your confidence after an accident always depends on your unique situation and your individual personality. It’s not easy to shake off your fear and get back to your routine. Horse Master Julie...

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