I'm So Glad I Was Wearing a Helmet

Hi, my name is Jessica, I had a riding accident in November 2015. I got on a horse who was normally quiet and who I knew well. Part way through my ride the horse tied up and flipped out going crazy. I was catapulted about 2 meters in the air off a nearly 18hh horse and came done head first and then the horse ran over the top of me stepping on my leg at the same time.

I come out of it with a broken eye socket, bad concussion and some nice bruising. In the hospital i was told by doctors if i hadn't been wearing a helmet I'd either be dead or have permanent brain damage. I'm so glad i was wearing a helmet and wont get on a horse without one ever since that day.


On The Way to the Hospital


Me at the Hospital

 June 30, 2017
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