I Was Out For a Lovely Trail Ride

On Friday, June 16, I was out for a lovely trail ride on my horse near Arlington, WA. While trotting along at a quick pace, my horse suddenly spooked and dodged to the left, while I kept going forward. As I flew over his shoulder, my body twisted and I landed hard on my back, followed by my head slamming into the ground. I didn’t lose consciousness but it took a good 10-15 minutes before the world made sense again.

Thankfully, I was wearing my Troxel Liberty helmet. Until I purchased the Liberty in March 2015, I rarely wore a helmet. I didn’t like my old helmet… it was uncomfortable and always seemed to end up tilted sideways. However, I wore my Liberty helmet religiously and I’m ever so glad now! I suffered a mild concussion instead of serious brain trauma. I’ll be purchasing a new helmet again in the next few days and should be back in the saddle within a couple weeks. Thanks for making a helmet that I wanted to wear – it saved me from a far worse head injury!

-Kris Olsen
Mill Creek, WA

(The photo is from March 2015 wearing the brand new Troxel Liberty, right out of the box, that ended up saving me)

Kris Olsen
 June 30, 2017
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