Wearing A Helmet Has Become The New Norm

In October 2016 I went to a barrel race and been having trouble with a new horse that I had. I went in for a trainer run and he didn't trim the first barrel. I am not really sure what happened because still to this day I can't remember, all I have is a video to watch.

He flipped over on top of me and my head hit the ground first. I was wearing a Troxel helmet. I was knocked unconscious, an ambulance came and I was taken to a local hospital. Later that night I "hopped" out of the hospital with a severe concussion and a broken ankle and a lot of bruises.

I thank my helmet for saving my life, I am a nurse and I have seen what brain injuries do to people. Never would I want that for myself or anyone. My injuries could have been much much worse. And I am so thankful that they weren't, not a day goes by that I don't wear a helmet or make my kids wear helmets when they ride. 

I hope this will reach at least one person and make them start wearing a helmet. Thankfully wearing a helmet has almost became the new norm!

-Alicia H.

 May 26, 2017
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