I Lost My Balance

I went out by myself on a trail ride and was trotting my boy down the canal bank which I do often. I have had my gelding for 11 years and he and I know each other well. He spooked a little when some birds flew out of some bushes and for some reason I lost my balance, fell, and the back of my head bounced off the hard dirt rode twice. I got up, caught my breath, and got back on and rode some more. 

The next morning I was very dizzy and bouncing off walls. I ended up with a concussion and spent almost two months in and out of bed. My double vision lasted over six weeks. I saw many doctors and was told if I had not been wearing my helmet I could possibly even have been on life support. I am so thankful for my helmet!!!! Still a little off balance but driving now, and back in the saddle for short rides, but no trotting!

From The Troxel Team:  Thanks for sharing your story and we are so glad you chose to wear a helmet!  We’d like to take this opportunity to share with others that not only is it important to wear a helmet, but it is also important to not use a helmet once involved in an accident.  We understand that some riders want to get right back on after a fall, but a helmet is for a single impact only and its impact absorbing ability is compromised after a fall. Please be sure to replace your helmet once it has been involved in an accident. 

 May 26, 2017
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