My Life was Saved by a Troxel Helmet on Saturday

Troxel Saved My Life

My life was saved by a Troxel helmet this past Saturday. I haven’t always worn a helmet riding, but I was riding a horse that hadn’t been rode very often. I decided I better wear a helmet, and I am so happy I did. 

My horse threw me off right after I mounted her. I hit the ground very hard. I walked away from this accident with only minor injuries (headache, bruised lower back and some neck pain). The doctor said I should heal completely. Thank you producing a product that SAVES LIVES.

If I ever get on a horse again, I will ALWAYS be wearing a Troxel helmet no matter what horse I ride! Please see the damage that happened to the helmet, instead of my head. –Alisa S

 July 25, 2016
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