Thank God and Troxel

When I started riding horses at age six, my grandma, who grew up riding her horse bareback through her family's farm, thought the idea of wearing a helmet ridiculous. However my mother, who was and is terrified of horses wouldnt let me ride withought one. Seven years later, with a more passonate love for horses and a unatural lack of fear for them, i was riding my favorite lesson horse Lakota. He was having an unusually spooky day and wasn't listening to me like he usually does. We were going over a small jump where he took off too early and I was too forward in the saddle. I fell on his neck and he procedded to gallop out of control. As I fell my foot got caught in the stirrup causing me to fall right under him. He stepped on my back and head breaking my Troxel helmet. If i wasn't wearing my helmet the chances of me walking away from the barn that day would be slim. I am so glad it was my helmet that broke and not my skull. Troxel is the only brand of helmet I have ridden in and it is the only one i will ever use. Thanks Troxel for saving my life.

 October 27, 2015
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