It Could Never Happen to Me

I was always one of THOSE people. Other people get thrown off, but not me. Well, I have a new, young, green horse (a 4-year-old Rocky Mountain Horse) who SEEMED very trail safe. And she was the first dozen times I rode her. So much so that I had even stopped wearing my new Troxel helmet I got just three short months ago...until two days ago.

I saw an article in my email from Western Horsemen about helmets and brain injuries which prompted me to start wearing my helmet again. Yesterday we went for a trail ride at a new park and it was crazy hilly/muddy/slippery. Long story short, my horse bucked like she was trying to win a bucking bronc competition and threw me off and into a tree—head-first.

Thank GOD I was wearing my Troxel helmet! I surely would have ended up with a concussion or worse. I have bruises everywhere but at least my head was safe! Thanks, Troxel!!

 July 4, 2014
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